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so many VOD movies I feel like I’m drowning

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Too many movies! There are too many movies opening in theaters, and there are even more too many movies opening direct to on-demand services. VOD debuts have exploded this year, and I can’t keep up with them. It used to be that when a film bypassed big screens, that was a reliable indicator that it was a piece of crap, but not anymore. Not with Europa Report one of my best films of the year so far.

And because there are no good sources listing these VOD debuts (as there are for theatrical releases), I figured that the only way I could start to get a handle on these films is to start a U.S. VOD debut schedule listing myself. It’s here. It’s not complete, because I have only the press releases I receive to work from, but I don’t know just how incomplete it is — I suspect not very incomplete, but I make no promises.

I’ll update this new page regularly, and I hope for it to serve as a prompt for me to review more of these films. I’m also trying to not be so OCD about writing long reviews, and trying to get comfortable with very short reviews when appropriate, in order to cover more films.

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