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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

in case you’re into Pinterest…


You may have noticed that I’ve removed the “Pin this” doodad from the bar of social-networking options that appears above and to the left of each post. It never chose the right image, which was annoying. But now, if you hover over an image, you’ll find a “Pin it” button appears in either the top left or (most often) the top right corner. (Don’t ask me why it’s not consistent — I have no idea.)

I’ve also reorganized my presence on Pinterest. There’s a board dedicated solely to my London photos (this weekend I spent a few hours pinning all my previously posted photos there), another dedicated to Cinema du Sanity (which looks really cool on Pinterest, like a newsstand or the “order back issues” section of the nonexistent Cinema du Sanity Web site), one for female gazing (a wall of gorgeous to which I’ve pinned some recent boyfriends, but haven’t gone all the way back through the archive there), and one devoted to how Hollywood dehumanizes women on movie posters and DVD covers (a wall of ugly to which I’ve pinned all the examples I’ve already posted). There’s also a board dedicated to my reviews, which I have neglected but will be pinning to regularly now, and a silly one to which I’ll pin things that speak particularly to me about myself and my life.

I will be posting some images to some of these boards that I don’t post here — I’ve already done so with the “how Hollywood dehumanizes women” board, minor instances that don’t seem to warrant their own post here; and I suspect the female gazing board will also get some images that I don’t post here. (Which isn’t to say that I am abandoning those features here — not at all.) And I have a few ideas for other boards that I may or may not replicate as posts here. We’ll see…

  • bronxbee

    what is the point in having them in both places? i mean, people who read your site or subscribe, already have access or have seen these posts, and people who don’t… what does the image thing accomplisy? of course, i dont do anything on Pinterest, so, i’m pin-terested, you might say.

  • It’s like posting links on Twitter and Facebook — it might bring my work before new eyes and bring new readers here.

  • bronxbee

    you’ll have to explain how one of these days … if they don’t know you’re there, how do they find you?

  • They search around. People repin stuff on their boards and they find me that way.

    Really, I’m just trying everything I can to get more people in here and paying.

  • BrianJKelly

    I semi-regularly post links from here on just about every social media with which I have an account, just to lure people to your awesomeness. I also click links FROM Pinterest, so I know it works. =)

  • Thank you.

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