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how not to market your film on YouTube

This past week, while looking for trailers that might be worth posting here, I ran into two outrageous examples of how NOT to market your film on YouTube.

The first one:


Look, filmmakers: Your trailer is your advertising. It is how your potential audience learns about your movie. You want people who run Web sites devoted to movies to embed your trailer and share it with their readers. (Related: Do not disable embedding of your trailer. What can you possibly be thinking when you do this? The mind boggles.) This is free advertising. It costs you nothing. Preventing movie fans in countries other than your own from seeing your trailer is not going to prevent piracy (if that’s what geocoding your trailer is about). It’s also not going to stop many people in those other countries from seeing your trailer anyway.

The Internet is global. You know how when China and Iran try to block their citizens from seeing stuff from outside their borders? We laugh at them. Because it’s not possible, and it makes no sense. Everyone knows how to get around such blocks, and you just look out of touch for even trying it.

And then there’s this:


This trailer is prominently featured at the official site of the movie in question. And the filmmakers don’t want you to see it.

I cannot fathom the supposed logic behind this.

In short: Post your trailer on YouTube. Make it available to everyone. Do not thwart and frustrate the people who are interested enough in your movie to seek out the trailer in the first place. Maybe some of those people won’t be able to see your movie in a theater or buy a DVD for a year or two. That’s okay. Better that than you smack their interest in the face.

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