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Thanks for Sharing trailer: we need a new way to sell movies

I’ve seen this movie, and it’s really excellent, but though it has plenty of funny moments, it’s not really a comedy. And if they’re trying to make it look like a comedy with this trailer, they kinda failed, because while the moments they’ve chosen are amusing, they are mostly so within a larger context that is not at all apparent here.

Basically, ignore this trailer.

Maybe we need to figure out a better way to sell movies than two minutes and 30 seconds of amusing clips…

US/Canada release date: Sep 20 2013 | UK release date: Oct 4 2013
official site | IMDb
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  • RogerBW

    My emerging system of trailer evaluation starts with one observation: a trailer will never make a film look less generic than it really is. I don’t know exactly who these people are who match the marketing model of “someone who decides to see a film on the basis of the trailer”, but I think they’re scared of things that are new and different, especially things that might seem too thinky for them.

    To some extent, the more the film gets outside its comfortable genre bucket, the more effort the trailer will make to get it to look un-challenging.

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