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The Last Days on Mars trailer: dinna go on the Martian moors

“I don’t know what it is, but it’s definitely alive.” Famous last words.

This looks amazing — visually, I mean — but it also look more Alien than Europa Report. Pity. We don’t really need another Alien movie when we can just watch Alien again.

Looking forward to being wrong about this…

US/Canada release date: Dec 6 2013 (VOD Oct 31 2013)
official site | IMDb
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  • LaSargenta

    Liev Schrieber! Ok, I’ll go.

  • Oh yes.

  • In light of Europa Report and Gravity, I’m gonna choose to be unreasonably optimistic and look forward to this. Also, Olivia Williams is in it.

  • Michael Brown

    Isn’t that just crazy. Add one thoughtful star (Liev), and we’re all ready to go!!!

  • LaSargenta

    I’d go to hear Schreiber read the phone book (showing my age…)

  • RogerBW

    That lander in the opening shots is a bit Aliens too. But I’m with Mate Sršen on this one, and I’ll add to the zeitgeist list The Wall and The Colony too: science fiction that’s closer to realistic tech than to zap-boom action, and that at least looks faintly thinky even if it doesn’t turn out to be, is something I’ve been missing from recent film, so it’s great to see this stuff coming along even if it doesn’t all turn out to be excellent.

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