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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

The Monuments Men trailer: glorious bastards

Oh, this one is going to tick a lot of boxes for me: art and culture, men in uniform, World War II, the fundamental interconnectedness of all things, and George Clooney.

Cannot wait.

US/Canada release date: Dec 18 2013 | UK release date: Jan 9 2014
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  • Karl Morton IV

    George is NOT the only dude in it, ya know.

  • Also: Jean Dujardin. And: Jean Dujardin’s Smile.

  • RogerBW

    Looks good. I do hope there’s at least one person in it who says something along the lines of “Oh, yeah, preserving our cultural heritage? That’s what the last lot of uniformed looters said, too.”.

  • Kathy_A

    I’ve been hoping to see a movie about the Monuments Men ever since I read a fantastic book called The Rape of Europa, which is all about the looting of Europe and Russia by the Nazis. I am so excited for this film!!

    ETA: And I hope that Cate Blanchett’s character is the actual French woman who worked at the Louvre and tracked as much of the artwork going into Nazi members’ possession as she could. She saved a lot of the works from disappearing due to her paperwork, and deserves to be immortalized.

  • althea

    I agree, this is a story to make a fantastic film, but I’m dubious that it’s going to come out like a lot of YouTube comments are saying, it’ll be like Ocean’s 14 (or whatever.) The trailer makes it look like this one group of guys not only were responsible for the whole project, but they spent all their time in combat. Or close proximity anyway. Their work only began during the war, and wasn’t mainly aimed at prevention. The project I wanted to see would include the buildup of the teams and the intense work of the researchers long after combat ceased. It would be more like Enigma than Private Ryan.

  • Karl Morton IV

    They could also show what happened in Japan and the Pacific theatre while they were at it, couldn’t they? Of course a film that showed all that would be ten hours long. Maybe if this film is successful, it will inspire a more in-depth HBO miniseries? :)

  • althea

    Good idea.

  • bronxbee

    as you know, this is a topic that is also dear to my brain… and i can’t wait to see this either. i cannot believe we’re getting a movie about these guys who were basically considered candy soldiers.

  • No. Jean Dujardin is in it, too. :->

  • *sigh*

  • heatherbelles

    This looks really good, Definetely going on the ‘to be watched’ list

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