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X-Men: Days of Future Past trailer: timey-whimey

So, Logan is going to be quantum-leaped back in time to bring hope to young Charles Xavier? Maybe they should send someone cheerier instead…

Wait. Logan looks older here. He’s got white in his hair.


So, is this taking place not in the present and the past but the future and the past? Is the war they’re talking about stopping a war that hasn’t happened yet… like maybe the conflict between normals and mutants has gone from cold to hot?

Ooo, Peter Dinklage is in this!

US/Canada release date: May 23 2014 | UK release date: May 22 2014
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  • Bluejay

    Indestructible being with metal skeleton is sent back in time to stop a war before it begins…

    [cue Terminator theme]

  • bronxbee

    Peter Dinklage *and* Wolverine Hugh Jackman? ’nuff said. i’m there. matter of fact, i’m going to save my seat right now.

  • Matt Clayton

    The story itself is an interesting one. In the film, Wolverine is the one that gets transferred back in time, not Kitty Pryde (Ellen Page). Although Singer says that Kitty is the one that enables it to happen… Wolverine is the leading character.

    I like how Fox uses this timeline to make this a follow-up to both X3: The Last Stand and X-Men: First Class, even if this piggybacks off The Avengers‘ massive success.

  • As has been mentioned, Kitty Pryde is the one who went back in time in the original comicbook’s storyline. It’s predictable but less interesting to send Wolvie back instead.

  • Dr. Rocketscience

    I don’t see how it’s less interesting. The only thing Kitty Pryde is known for in the X-Men movies is for kinda sorta stealing Sookie’s boyfriend and getting called a bitch by Vinnie Jones.

  • Scott Mortensen

    Hugh Jackman is the more bankable star.
    I wish they’d shown the Sentinels in action, as I’m not entirely sold on the preview pics of them untill I see them in motion. But otherwise I think thats an excellent trailer. Probably the best trailer since “The Watchmen” teaser. The music really makes it seem like a very dark film.

  • Scott Mortensen

    He’d be sent back in time to a body that still has bone claws, though. So not quite as indestructible.

  • Dr. Rocketscience

    Hugh Jackman is the more bankable star.

    It’s not just that. Movie audiences are already emotionally invested in Wolverine. They know who he is and what he stands for. By rewriting the story to feature him as the time-traveller rather than Kitty Pryde, you cut 20 minutes of exposition out of your movie.

  • Scott Mortensen

    Yeah, thats true too. The Avengers certainly cut out a hell of a lot of exposition and origin stories by having the lead in of all the previous Marvel Studios movies.

    Though technically ‘The last Stand’ is (unfortunately) the top grossing film in the franchise. So maybe people remember Kitty a bit.

  • Bluejay

    Dammit, you ruined my joke! ;-)

    Full disclosure: I haven’t seen the two stand-alone Wolverine films. Do I need to see them to make any sense of the plot in this one?

  • MisterAntrobus

    Very likely not. Especially not the first, which nearly everyone has pretty much disowned.

  • Ide Cyan

    FYI, this is the same footage that was shown at Comic-Con and at the Fantasia Film Festival earlier this year.

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