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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

Doctor Who thing: “The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot”

I was about to start rewatching and blogging about “The Day of the Doctor” when I discovered this. Stop whatever you are doing right now and watch this. Right now:

I didn’t think I could love Peter Davison any more than I already do. I was wrong.

Quelle dommage, Davros!” Oh my god.

(If you stumble across a cool Doctor Who thing, feel free to email me with a link.)

  • Mike Pooler

    Leonard likes this post!

  • greetl

    Will I burn in hell if I say I enjoyed this and the Paul McGann minisode more than the Day of the Doctor?..

  • Mike Pooler

    If so I might be there with you

  • Nige

    me too!

  • lescarr

    Each of them very different pleasures in their own right, judged by separate criteria. I enjoyed them all.

  • Paul

    Very true. Let’s add in An Adventure in Time and Space, too.

  • lescarr

    I hope that this Dr Who slash Galaxy Quest will be a regular feature by the BBC – or at least a comic strip in DWM.

  • bronxbee

    for some reason, last night this seemed so sad… today, it’s hilarious and peter davison is a genius…. glad i did a rewatch.

  • Judy

    Loved it!

  • texphile

    OMG !!! Cooler than cool. These doctors are before my time as I am a relative latecomer to the genre…. However , it was absolutely spot on.. Thanks for sharing Mary Ann! BTW I bought the Day of the Doctor episode on Amazon video on demand as I missed taping it somehow. It was awesome too. I was a little puzzled as to why DR #9 was not included except for a fleeting cameo . I was glad that Billie P was included. She was , in her own way , integral to the updated series.

  • doug

    classic and just wonderful !!!!!

    When can we have a full 7 doctor episode please ?

  • Tonio Kruger

    Wonderful. Though I remember feeling a bit shocked when I realized that I had initially thought Mrs. David Tennant was Billie Piper. I was even more shocked when I realized that Mrs. David Tennant was the same actress who played the title role in “The Doctor’s Daughter.”

  • bronxbee

    and, even more bizarrely, the daughter of Peter Davison, who was David Tennant’s favorite Doctor…

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