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French movie posters: The Counselor, Inside Llewyn Davis, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, About Time

I love checking out foreign posters for familiar films when I’m traveling. Here’s a few I’ve seen this weekend in Paris.

About Time. The French translation of the title transliterates back to English as It Was Time:


The Counselor (with two l’s in the U.K.). I wonder why they didn’t call it L’Avocat, which would be a more direct translation:


Inside Llewyn Davis keeps its English title. The film shares its title with the character’s newest album, so perhaps that makes sense:


(Llewyn Davis is also already playing here! Lucky French movie fans.)

The second installment of The Hunger Games gets a different subtitle, which translates as blaze:


I’ve glimpsed a few more movie posters but haven’t been able to photograph them yet. I’m here through Tuesday afternoon, so hopefully I’ll have a few opportunities…

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