Only Lovers Left Alive trailer: maybe we aren’t “supposed” to be talking about this?

There does not seem to be a version of this trailer on the Web without the Greek subtitles, which is absolutely preposterous, and no official upload of any kind. (I wonder where this came from at all, in fact.) Who is doing the marketing for this film? The film should have its own YouTube channel, or at least a clean version of this trailer should be on the distributor’s channel. If the idea is to control the dialogue about this film… too late! People are already talking about it.

The reasons people are talking are numerous: Excellent showings at the New York and London film festivals; it might be my very favorite from LFF. Vampire romance reclaimed from Twilight. Indie darlings Tilda Swinton and writer/director Jim Jarmusch. And maybe most of all, right at this moment: It Boy and everyone’s new crush Tom Hiddleston.

Someone dropped a ball somewhere. Worse, it’s most likely a ball that the appropriate people don’t even know exists to be dropped in the first place.

End of rant.

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