evening clickbait: I like this Kickstarter; Google Earth for Middle-Earth; John Watson’s latest blog post; music Smaug likes

• I like this Kickstarter. It’s for a short film about an artist dealing with uncertainty and insecurity… plus there’s a green theme running through it, too. And they want to pay their cast and crew! Throw them a few bucks if you’d like to see it completed. “Pine Tree by Adam Evans” [Kickstarter]

• It’s kinda like Google Earth for Middle-Earth. So cool. “The Hobbit: A Journey Through Middle-Earth”

• Have you seen John Watson’s latest blog post? He’s not taking Sherlock Holmes’ death well, though he seems to be trying to move on. This time of year can be the worst for remembering our friends who’ve left us. I hear New Year’s Day can be especially bad… “26th April” [The Personal Blog of Dr. John H. Watson]

• Benedict Cumberbatch reveals what kind of music Smaug likes. Among other things, some not even fictional. “#AskSmaug Transcript” [Cumberbatchweb]

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