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Godzilla trailer: let’s hope it’s sort of a Monsters sequel

I’m kinda sorry that director Gareth Edwards is following up his wonderfully original Monsters with a reboot of a well-worn franchise… but perhaps his involvement means this will be a film about people and ideas — as Monsters is — instead of merely blowing stuff up and knocking stuff down.

I can hope, anyway.

US/Canada release date: May 16 2014 | UK release date: May 16 2014
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  • Danielm80

    Y’know, all those TV ads romanticizing the U.S. military would be much more bearable if the soldiers got attacked by a giant lizard at the end.

  • MisterAntrobus

    Definitely did not expect to hear Gyorgy Ligeti’s Requiem in this trailer. I guess Mr. Edwards – or at least the trailer’s editor – is a Kubrick fan. At any rate it’s a refreshing change from BWOOOOOOMMMMMMMMM.

  • Naus

    Are you going to do a post on the recent 300 trailer? I’d be curious to read your take.

  • That one must have slipped by me while I was away. I’ll have a look.

  • Dr. Rocketscience


  • RogerBW


    Probably won’t be as bad as the 1998 Emmerich one.

    Which doesn’t really raise it very far.

  • Naus

    Great, I look forward to that. And as far as the Godzilla trailer goes, surprisingly, I wasn’t bored by it. And it has David Strathairn AND Juliette Binoche (and a bunch of other stellar actors), so I probably will see it at some point.

  • Bluejay

    Careful; this could be the new thing. Soon we’ll be sick of all these Creepy Wailing Choir trailers.

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