evening clickbait: Gravity is a British film; Inspector Lestrade and Mrs. Hudson share clothes; how the Twilight Zone reflects 2010s paranoia

• You may be surprised to discover that Gravity, with American stars and a Mexican director, is considered a British film (because it was shot in the UK and the groundbreaking and sure-to-be-influential FX were created in the UK), while 12 Years a Slave, with its British star and director, is not. “BAFTAs 2014: the nominations” [BFI]

• Inspector Lestrade and Mrs. Hudson share clothes. #Sherlock “MT Since you’ve all been so nice here’s Rupert in Una’s hat. ” [@louisebrealey]


(Hint: Louise Brealey plays Molly Hooper. Follow her on Twitter: she’s funny.)

• Interesting… “How The Twilight Zone Predicted Our Paranoid Present” [The Atlantic]

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