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this is what you’re missing if you’re not getting my Movie Cheat Sheets

Monday is the day when new DVDs are released in U.K. And so Monday is the day when one edition of my Movie Cheat Sheet email newsletter gets sent, with reminders of what’s new on DVD and streaming in the U.K., and what I thought of those films. This is what went out to subscribers this morning (this is a screengrab of the email, so the links are not clickable):


There are also editions for U.S. and Canada DVD and streaming (which goes out on Tuesdays, the day new DVDs come out in North America), and for new multiplex releases in North America and in the U.K.; those generally go out on Fridays, with some shifting around to account for midweek holiday releases or the like.

The Movie Cheat Sheets are free to subscribers of FlickFilosopher.com, who are free to take any or all of the four editions. Become a subscriber by clicking on the pageview counter at the bottom right of your screen, or wait for the popup after every few pageviews.

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Thank you.

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