Instant Video is coming to


Oh, goodie! I love Amazon U.S.’s Instant Video. I presume Amazon U.K.’s implementation will be as good.

As with Amazon U.S.’s streaming video offerings, Prime will offer unlimited streaming of movies and TV episodes. If you sign up for Prime before February 26th, you can get a year for £49, instead of the £79 it will go up to.

Basically — according to CNET — the streaming service that Amazon-owned Lovefilm has been offering is becoming Amazon U.K. Instant Video. The new streaming service will also offer à la carte movies to non-Prime members, as the U.S. Instant Video service does. Current customers of both Lovefilm and Amazon U.K. Prime aren’t going to be happy — most will end up paying more — but for everyone else, it should be a good deal. Lovefilm’s streaming options have been pretty dire; the service has mostly focused on physical DVDs by mail. Hopefully the new Amazon U.K. Instant Video will have more offerings.

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