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maryann johanson | #BlackLivesMatter

Veronica Mars trailer: will this have anything for non-fans?

I have not seen a single episode of Veronica Mars. Will this movie have anything to offer me? This trailer looks pretty generic-20something-comedy. It looks — perhaps unsurprisingly — like an for a TV show.

I’ll probably check it out, just out of professional curiosity. I like that this appears to be about a woman whose primary motivation is not romance. But I suspect this will probably be mostly notable for the fact that this is the biggest film so far — and it’s not that big, actually — to be released on the same day in theaters and on demand. (See The Wall Street Journal for more on the possible implications of this. Spoiler: It’s kind of a special case that probably won’t have much immediate impact.)

I hope Veronica Mars fans have fun with this, of course. Maybe it bodes well for us Browncoats someday getting some more Firefly

US/Canada release date: Mar 14 2014 (VOD same day) | UK release date: Mar 14 2014 (VOD same day)
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