Dark Dungeons trailer: based on the insane Jack Chick gospel tract

One of the few good things about people who are bonkers and publicly proud of it is that you can make fun of them and they don’t even realize that’s what you’re doing. And so we have this upcoming film from Zombie Orpheus Entertainment, who’ve made a bunch of movies about RPGs and gaming and general dorkness. It’s an adaptation of the 1984 gospel tract from the infamous Jack Chick, who believes that role-playing games are Satanic and involve real magic spells. This is what the film is about:

Dark Dungeons brings Jack Chick’s 1984 masterpiece to the silver screen. Debbie and Marcie arrive at college unaware of the dangers of RPGing. They are soon indoctrinated into this dangerous lifestyle where they face the threat of learning real life magical powers, being invited to join a witches’ coven, and resisting the lure of Ms. Frost, a vile temptress of a GM. But what peril must the two friends face when they stumble across the Necronomicon and their fantasy game becomes a reality game? Find out in Dark Dungeons!

The movie’s official site informs us that ZOE acquired the film rights at no cost, and that the film will not be a parody or a satire but as honest an attempt to transfer the spirit of the tract to the big screen as any comic adaptation can be, given the challenges of expanding a short comic to feature-length and transferring it to the screen.

Except… here’s a bit from Chick’s “Dark Dungeons”


It doesn’t need to be exaggerated or misrepresented in any way for it to be funny as, well, hell. (You can read the whole thing at Chick’s site. Perhaps you will even want to purchase copies to share with your RPG-playing Satantic friends.)

Via Boing Boing.

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