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this is the first year ever that I’ve seen every film nominated for an Oscar

Worth repeating from my Oscars prediction post:

This is the first year ever — in my lifelong history as a film fan and my 16+ years as a film critic — that I’ve seen every single film nominated.

And all it took was 80-hour work weeks and making myself absolutely insane trying to see as many movies as possible.

I’d hate for this also to be the last year in which this stupendous critical feat is achieved. If you’d like to ensure that I can do this again next, please become a subscriber now.

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  • I’ve seen almost all of them – I haven’t seen 12 Years a Slave and will once it hits cable at a reasonable price (currently it’s $15.99 online). I saw and really enjoyed The Dallas Buyer’s Club last week at a much more reasonable $4.99. The only other one I haven’t seen is The Wolf of Wall Street which is the only movie on the list I have the “What the Hell is this doing as a Best Picture Nominee?” feeling about – may watch that on free cable…someday.

  • Jurgan

    You’re not just talking about “Best Pictures,” right? I’m pretty sure Maryann’s seen all of those in previous years- she’s saying she’s seen everything that got any nominations, even minor ones.

  • Yeah, I’m talking: I’ve seen every film that’s gotten any sort of nomination. Including *Bad Grandpa.*

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