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smacking sexist Broken Circle Breakdown marketing

Whoever created these posters for The Broken Circle Breakdown deserves a smack:


This is a not a movie about a sexy tattooed woman in a bikini. Nor is a woman an instrument to be played. It is a sexy movie, and the female lead does have tattoos. But the male lead is just as naked as she is in the film. So why didn’t they use this image on the poster:


Okay, that one’s not exactly sexy. But how about these:



Yowza. Those are pretty hot.

C’mon, people. This stuff… it’s not that difficult to not be jerks about it.

  • LaSargenta

    I think the pic at the bottom would have made a fantastic poster.

  • rosterri

    I’d rather not see the tighty whiteys.

  • But a woman wearing just as little is okay? Why the one and not the other?

  • None

    Because you don’t see her camelTOE the way you see his camelBALLS. Women are still given a sense of modesty (her back is turned to not show genital definition) but no sense of modesty for men (frontal with plenty of genital definition).

  • Are you rosterri? Cuz I was asking rosterri.

    And I’m not getting drawn into a discussion about the supposedly criminal lack of cameras up vulvas in movies.

  • RogerBW

    The job of the poster designer is not to tell people about the film, not to match it with particular viewers who are likely to enjoy it. As for the guy who cuts together the trailer, it’s just to get the ill-informed and easily-swayed (and really, anyone these days who sees a poster like those at the top and thinks a film’s worth seeing on that basis must count as both) to plunk down their money. Who cares if they enjoy it? Cash.

  • rosterri

    It should be “equal opportunity” for sure. It was more of a joke about the underwear. My point was more with respect to the lack of sexiness of that particular image. They sex up the women, so why not the men? The other images you chose were probably appealing for both genders. That said, maybe there are some for whom tighty whiteys are very sexy. I’m just not one of them :-).

  • Dr. Rocketscience

    i was thinking the same thing. If I had any Photoshop skillz – and, y’know, a copy of Photoshop from the 21st century – I’d take that image on the bottom and swap it into the poster on the right.

  • No, I’m not either. But she wouldn’t be appealing, either, if she were slumped over and slurping a beer and wearing old, oversized, stretched-out underwear.

  • Bluejay

    I like the bottom image. It reminds me of the Annie Leibovitz shot of John and Yoko, which is even more not-sexist, and is probably the most fantastic photo-portrait ever.


  • rosterri

    Very true.

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