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subscriptions update (and what happens next)

My subscription drive in February was nowhere near as successful as it needed to be. Here’s where I stand now.

I need: 1000 subscribers at $4.99/month OR $49.99/year

I have: 154 (with 131 additional subscribers at small levels)

I cannot continue with so little support from readers.

In March, I’m going to be investigating some other potential areas of support. Frankly, I’m not optimistic, but I have to try.

In one last attempt to prod more readers to subscribe, I’ve dropped the free pageviews per week to three. (See here for more on that.)

I’ve also posted noticed on some pages — visible only to those who have not subscribed — that their support is necessary if I’m to continue updating those pages and posting those posts. The pages are “in cinemas” and “dvd/vod” and the U.S. VOD release schedule. The posts are trailers, Doctor Who Things, and the what-to-stream posts.

None of the information you find on those pages and posts is unique. There are plenty of other sources for what’s opening in cinemas and what’s new on DVD and what you can stream on Netflix. If it’s not useful to readers for me to make their tasks a little easier by connecting my reviews to that other information, I’m going to stop wasting my time updating those pages. You can do your own surfing to find new trailers and cool Doctor Who stuff.

Basically, I’ve been running a one-woman magazine here for years. I thought that would make the site more useful for readers. It takes an insane amount of time, but I would be happy to keep doing it if enough readers were supporting it. That doesn’t seem like it’s ever going to happen.

It’s looking to be almost certain that come April, I am going to pull back to posting only film reviews, and very little else. I may stop doing the Movie Cheat Sheets — only a quarter of them even get opened in your in-boxes — and the Daily Digests: only 10 percent of those get opened.

I wish this wasn’t the way things had to be. There’s so much more I’d like to be doing here — cutting back is exactly the opposite of what I want. But short of winning the lottery, I have no choice.

You have no idea how much this breaks my heart.

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