this is what happens when adolescent fanboys dominate the movie web

This is from the IMDb page for the film I Am Yours (Jeg er din), from the section where users supply keywords that describe the plot:


“Girl in panties.” “Panties pulled down.” “Panties.” “White panties.”

That’s it. That’s what the horny movie fanboy mindset wants you to know this film is about. It’s all that matters. It’s all you need to know… as long as you, too, embrace the horny movie fanboy mindset mindset. And who doesn’t?

I mean, never mind “single mother,” “traditional marriage,” “immigrant experience,” “culture clash,” or “aspiring actress” (all of which I have now added to the page).

Just for contrast, the plot keywords that show up on the IMDB page for Captain America: The Winter Soldier — these are just the first, there are many more — are:

“Soldier. “Secret government organization.” “Hospital.” “Government agent.” “Deception.”

Nowhere on the full list of user-supplied keywords — at this moment, there are 256 words and phrases — appear such words or phrases as:

tight T-shirt
honey wear the Winter Soldier mask tonight that’s so hot

Though “bare chested male” is there, once.

It should be noted, too, that the IMDb has a list of approved keywords, and only those get listed… which means that the IMDb thinks it’s appropriate and useful to categorize movies under the keywords “girl in panties,” “panties pulled down,” “panties,” and “white panties.”

And what are the most tagged plot keywords at the IMDb?


It’s fascinating what IMDb users feel is urgent to inform other movie fans about, isn’t it?

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