Peter Capaldi sends words of encouragement to the Glasgow School of Art

Peter Capaldi’s newly regenerated Time Lord might be wondering if he’s a good man, but there’s pretty much no question when it comes to the actor himself.

You may have heard about the fire at the Glasgow School of Art last month. No one was hurt, but the beautiful landmark Charles Rennie Mackintosh-designed building was badly damaged. (Here’s the new Mac Photographic Archive, dedicated to collecting images of what the building looked like, via Quartz.) And even more devastating, some students lost work — some all of the work — intended to support their degrees.

The school has set up a fund for the restoration of the structure, which may cost as much as £35 million. (The U.K. government yesterday announced that it would contribute £5 million to the restoration fund.) Peter Capaldi, a graduate of GSA, recently joined the effort as a trustee (as did some guy called Brad Pitt). About the building, Capaldi says (quoted by BBC News):

It always seemed to me, when I studied there, both as a student and as a child in Saturday morning art classes, an exotic place of the imagination… all nooks and crannies, guarded by stern ancient statues and full of artistic possibilities.

Wow. And here’s what he had to say to the students who lost work:

I might have a little something in my eye…

Thanks to bronxbee for the link.

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