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punk-ass indie filmmaker fakes a quote from me to support his movie, gets smacked, hides like a chickenshit (updated)

How Not to Be an Aspiring Filmmaker, Young Asshole Edition.

So apparently some indie filmmaker named Matthew Gaynor — aka @Gerald_Robber on Twitter, aka “freshman at Juniata College studying cinema production” — decided it would be cool to promote a film he made with a fake quote from me:


As soon as I called him out on it:


he deleted the tweet.

But not before his pal, @_Buffalo_Bill_ — whom I suspect is cofounder of Gaynor’s production company “Bill Lytle- sophomore at Lycoming College studying political science” — could tweet at me to, basically, calm down and just enjoy the movie, condescending to toss a “my dear” in my direction. (Alas, I neglected to screengrab that tweet before that chickenshit deleted it.)


These aren’t kids goofing around. These are two guys who have big dreams for themselves as filmmakers:

Visionaries at heart, and masterminds at what they do, Bill and Matthew have set out to take the world by storm with film.

(Also screengrabbed in case they change or delete it.)

And this:


I don’t want to hear any bullshit about how these guys are just kids and don’t know any better. Four-year-olds know that lying is wrong. But these two thought it would be cute to pretend a real critic said something nice about their movie. They were wrong. They were also incredibly stupid to think that they wouldn’t get caught.

The Internet sees all… certainly all the stuff you’re dumb enough to actually post. And the Internet never forgets.

UPDATE: These chickenshits still think they’re cute and funny, and their friends do, too:


I’ve still had no response from them to multiple requests for an explanation for their deplorable behavior.

UPDATE 2: Lame generic tweeted apologies:


(Screengrab here.)


(Screengrab here.)

I’ve had some private Facebook messages, too. Deciding if I should do anything with those…

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