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London photo: everyone wants to see Rosewater at LFF


I wasn’t sure what sort of a draw Jon Stewart would be at the London Film Festival — I don’t get the sense that he’s very well known in the U.K. — but there was a huge mob of press at the press screening of his directorial debut Rosewater.

(LFF ends this weekend. I may have a few more reviews from the festival this week, but expect a cascade starting next week, after I have a chance to catch up on my sleep.)

  • Bluejay

    So… does that mean Stewart *is* more well-known in the UK than expected? Or is it just that in a city the size of London, you can gather a crowd of fans for pretty much anything? Or that the press are more familiar with him than the general public?

  • I just don’t know. It could just be that all the LFF press screenings have been very busy. A better test would be how many tickets the public screenings of the film sold (which I have no way of knowing).

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