Where Are the Women? is dead — long live Where Are the Women?

The six-month period for Where Are the Women? that my Kickstarter campaign was meant to support has now ended. But I’m going to continue with the project through the end of the year.

I believe I have overdelivered on what I promised: rating and ranking every film nominated for any Oscar earlier this year put me well over the goal of rating and ranking five films per week. But take away the Oscar ratings, and I think I’ve still done more than I promised. I have a few U.S. wide releases still to rate and rank (because I haven’t yet had access to them here in London), but I’ll get to those as soon as possible (ie, when they open here or when I can access them via U.S. VOD). And the few U.K. wide releases I haven’t yet gotten to will be completed this week or soon after.

There are some rewards I still have to fulfill for some Kickstarter donors — by-request reviews of classic films from a feminist perspective — and I will do those in July.

I’ve been conflicted about what to do regarding continuing the project. I know that the overall value of it will come at the end of the year, when we can look back over a year’s worth of films and evaluate the state of women’s representation. On the other hand, I am beyond disappointed at how little interest there seems to have been beyond the little digital shores of FlickFilosopher.com: I’ve tried to get coverage elsewhere on the Web and had little luck (though I’ll keep trying). I’m especially disappointed at how the feminist web has simply ignored this project: so much for sisterhood. I had hoped that the project would encourage those who hadn’t contributed to the Kickstarter to either start a subscription to the site or make a pledge at Patreon, but that hasn’t happened either to any noticeable degree.

I have had lots of readers tell me how valuable what I’m doing is, and that’s always wonderful to hear. But I can’t pay rent or buy groceries with that.

I can’t imagine doing this all again next year unless something really amazing happens that kicks the project into some much higher level of financial reward for me and publicity reward for the project.

To say that I am really, really depressed right now would be an understatement.

Anyway, going forward, from now on, new Where Are the Women? ratings pages will be behind the paywall. (I’ll leave the rankings page free for all to see all the time. And the rewards reviews will also be outside the paywall, when I post them, since they were covered by the Kickstarter.)

I know money is tight for everyone these days — me too! like you cannot believe — but if you’re in a position to either become a monthly or yearly subscriber of FlickFilospher.com (if you’re not already) or make a pledge at Patreon or make a one-time donation via Paypal to support the Where Are the Women? project going forward, I would be intensely grateful.

I might also offer to sell Where Are the Women? lapel pins and postcards at outrageously inflated prices to support the project. (I have a bunch left over after sending them to Kickstarter supporters.) Drop a comment below if that’s something that might potentially interest you.

I am immensely thankful to those of you who are already site subscribers and who did support the Kickstarter (and I know there’s a lot of overlap between the two groups). I am always astonished at the devotion of the dedicated readers of this site. You all are pretty much the only thing that keeps me going, to know that there are some people who care deeply about what I’m doing her. Thank you again.

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