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Where Are the Women? T-shirts!


UPDATE: Designs for guys now available!

Here’s a new way to support my Where Are the Women? project and stick it to the Hollywood man at the same time. (10% of the purchase price of these shirts goes to me, so let’s get these puppies selling in the millions, eh?) Choose from “I am not a supporting character” or “I am not a plot device,” or on a more positive note, “I am the hero of my own story.”


All three tees have “#WhereAreTheWomen” and “flickfilosopher.com” on the back:


All shirts are available at Zazzle, and you can customize the color and style of the shirt (including kids’ shirts, baby onesies, and other apparel like sweatshirts, tank tops, etc.). The links above go to the US store, but the shirts are available at all national Zazzle sites; use the store links below, or just change the domain extension in the links above to .co.jp, .com.au, etc.

Where Are the Women? was launched by my generous Kickstarter supporters, but the project went way beyond its original parameters. If you’re not interested in T-shirts, other WATW merch is available directly from me. Or you can become a monthly or yearly subscriber of FlickFilospher.com (if you aren’t one already) or make a one-time donation via Paypal.

I’ve got plenty other Zazzle crap available, too. My US store is here. International stores:


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