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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

working on a redesign of the site…

…that I hope to debut in time for the site’s 19th anniversary next week. It’s a shitload of work that is not really my forte, but I mention this to you now in the hopes that it will prod me to follow through and get it done.

I’m hoping to make the reviews pages a bit more airy, with room to feature more photos and more pullquotes. And I think the homepage needs to feature more recent reviews more prominently, with the listings of what’s in theaters and what’s new on DVD/VOD downplayed, though they won’t go away; I know they’re useful. All those gray lights are looking ridiculous (see here for an explanation of why there are so many gray lights lately).

I am always interested in your input on the site. If there’s something about the design that is annoying you, or something you’d like to see that isn’t here — or even something that you particularly love — please feel free to leave a comment about it. If there’s something content-wise that you’d like to see, I’d be interested to hear that as well. I can’t promise I will be able to implement all or even any of it (my technical skills in particular are not great), but I would love your feedback.


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  • RogerBW

    I still read mostly by RSS (except for the Facebook/etc. embeds where the content doesn’t transfer), so I don’t really mind how the site looks as long as it doesn’t take too long to load up for commenting – though I agree that “name” reviews could probably do with a bit of a boost. (I hardly ever look at the homepage.)

  • You’re in a tiny, tiny, tiny minority with your use of RSS.

  • RogerBW

    I know. For me it’s the best possible way of reading, but for many people since Google Reader shut down (and they didn’t apparently read any of the articles describing dozens of alternatives) they just rely on twitter/facebook notifications.

  • Danielm80

    The sidebar over on the right-hand side with the latest posts seems to be gone. Is that part of the redesign or is that a temporary glitch?

  • That’s deliberate. Those links were hardly every clicked on, and all that info is still available on the All Recent Posts page.

  • Patrick

    I kind of miss the long listing of the movie titles and their respective “red””yellow” and “green” rankings. It looked cleaner and made things easier to find–at least for me.

  • All the same info is still here, just spread across different pages based on how and where you’re watching.

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