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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

this is not a safe space for Trump supporters

I will delete lies, bigotry, misogyny, Hillary hatred, justifications for Trump’s success, “I’m not a racist but…,” liberal bashing, calls for unity from fans of the a man who sowed division over the past eight years, and so on. I have already done so this morning.

No warning. Just don’t do it. You want to defend Trump, do it somewhere else.

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  • Danielm80

    For the sake of my mental health, I’ve been listening to a lot more music than usual. I think it was Bluejay who suggested this song:


  • Ryan

    I’m definitely not a Trump supporter. Or Hilary for that matter. But, you can’t shut down discussion. This is how he got in power. Clearly, a lot of Trump’s views are bigoted, but you can’t dismiss his views and those of his supporters. The right wing and rural voters were/are disenfranchised and instead of trying to figure out why, we ignored them. Leading them to vote for the only person who listened. A mad man. If we don’t try to understand why, we’ll just alienate them further.

  • LaSargenta

    Look, the stats say a helluva lotta white people voted for him, especially those with over 50k a year. Staten Island went almost entirely for him. They aren’t rural, but the largest demographic there is white. (Well, recently white as so many are of Italian heritage…it’s pretty recent that Italians are considered white by the US, but, hey, assimilation is amazing when you can ‘pass’. Speaking from experience here.)

    There are a lot of rural, disenfranchised black voters. None of this stuff is mentioning them. You know why? They were literally disenfranchised. Like removal of the protections of the Voting Rights Act disenfranchised.

    Why cater to Trump Supporters who aren’t being courteous? This is a private blog, not a public forum.

  • Danielm80

    A stranger barges into your house, uninvited. He says, “I’d like to explain to you why Gary Johnson should be president of the United States. I have a PowerPoint presentation. Let me just charge my laptop.”

    You say, “I really don’t want to talk about politics right now, and by the way, how did you get into my house? I’d really like you to leave.”

    He says, “You can’t just shut down discussion. I have freedom of speech. My point of view isn’t being represented anywhere.”

    You say, “Actually, there’s a political discussion group that meets at the library later this week, and there’s an open forum at the town hall next Thursday.”

    He says, “This is censorship!”

    You say, “You’re making me really uncomfortable. Please leave now.”

    He says, “You can’t just dismiss my views, or the views of my supporters, who’ll be coming over here any minute now.”

    You have every right to remove him from your house and post a sign that says, “No political solicitation.” You may even have a right to shoot him.

  • LaSargenta

    I just read a nice post over at Captain Awkward about dealing with family members who don’t respect boundaries. Elegant summation of a related issue:

    Whenever I set a boundary here in moderation & dealing with (thankfully rare) trolling, I get pushback along the lines of “Well, with that attitude how do you expect to convert someone like me to your way of thinking?” The answer to that is: I don’t know, I’m not necessarily doing to convince you. I’m doing it for myself and for the other people who hang out here, so that we can feel safe and have the discussions we need to have. https://captainawkward.com/2016/11/12/917-how-to-set-boundaries-with-people-who-think-boundaries-and-hurt-are-manipulative-aka-help-implementing-boundary-advice/#more-19498

  • Ryan

    I would never and will never push my opinion of beliefs onto anyone. Nor would I force anyone into a discussion with anyone they don’t want to be a part. The house invasion analogy used here is very innacurate. Maryann isn’t shutting down political discussion. She says “It’s not safe for Trump supporters here”. I’m just suggesting that’s not the best way to move forward. If you don’t agree that Trump should not be in power or that his voters shouldn’t have voted for him. Then what are you going to do about it. Silence them? Shut them out? Silence all discussion. That way won’t help we have to listen to each other if we’re ever going to solve the issues at hand. I’m not American and support neither Trump or Clinton. If you don’t want to have any discussion. Then tell me to be quiet. But, you can’t complain to me or anyone for they matter if in 4 years the vote doesn’t go your way

  • Danielm80

    You really don’t get it.

    No one is telling you never to talk about Trump. There are many places where you can discuss Donald Trump with people who agree with you and people who will argue with you and people who want to kill you. And when I say “many places,” I mean pretty much any site on the internet.

    If someone says, “I don’t want to have this discussion with you,” it doesn’t mean, “I refuse to ever discuss politics again,” or, “I want to silence every Trump supporter.” It might mean any number of things.

    It might mean: I’ve been discussing this subject all week, and I’m sick of talking about it.

    It might mean: Every time this topic comes up, the website gets swarmed with trolls.

    It might mean: Donald Trump’s campaign has led to so many bigoted attacks that this subject is really traumatic to bring up at all.

    And maybe MaryAnn, and the other folks here, will be ready to have a lengthy political discussion with you in a week or a month. Or maybe we’ll be willing to have the conversation in a limited way that doesn’t make us want to bang our heads against a wall.

    But if you try to force us into a discussion that makes us uncomfortable, it really does feel very much like a home invasion.

    You think I’m exaggerating. I’m going to speak very personally: I’ve had problems in the past with depression and OCD. Fortunately, my symptoms tend to be fairly mild, but because of the election, they’ve gotten worse.

    So when you keep insisting that we have the discussion you want to have, on your terms, it’s at best slightly rude and at worst a form of harassment.

    Also, when you say

    I would never and will never push my opinion of beliefs onto anyone. Nor would I force anyone into a discussion with anyone they don’t want to be a part.

    and then try to push us into a discussion, it starts to sound like a lie.

  • LaSargenta

    Considering the sum of Trayfe support (he loves his name so much, I refuse to use it) seems to either be a vote against Hillary Clinton or some thinly disguised bigotry — Islam! Feminism! Values! Babies! Christians! THOSE people! Mexican Rapists! …ad nauseum — it actually is hard to have any kind of communication with them. Ime, immediately pegged as One Of Those Feminazis Who Just Needs To Give In To Her True Nature And Pop Out Teh Babizzz It Be Happy, no one who supports him is going to allow me to engage them.

    So, fuck it. They voted for him. I actually despise Secy Clinton and her friendship with war criminal Kissenger and could go on forever, but I cast a vote against a known thief, fraud and sexual abuser. I’m in NYC and in the construction industry. I stay as far as possible from him.

    Those people who voted for him for whatever reason they’ve got in their brains? You lie down with dogs, get up with fleas. You voted for someone actively endorsed by the KKK, you got noooo problem with racism.


  • LaSargenta

    Upvoting to power of 100,000,000

  • Ryan


    You or I cannot speak for Maryann. Don’t you ever try to silence me or anyone whilst trying to hide behind what you think their opinion is.

    I am just responding to what has factually been said here. MaryAnn has said if you support Trump, I don’t want you to defend him here. She says I don’t want lies or bigotry. I’m not asking for any of that, but just for us to ask why other people do. I’m not even saying it has to happen here, just that these questions have to be discussed. Silencing anyone’s opinion is a dangerous thing whether you disagree with them or not. And silencing an opposition will definitely push them further away from any kind of healthy debate. I’m not instigating any form of discussion here, just asking that you keep your mind open to it. I’m from the UK and having lived through the results of the EU referendum, I’m very acutely aware of how ignoring how a right wing victory was possible can be very harmful.

    I’m genuinely sorry that the results of this election have exacerbated any issues you have with depression or OCD. And I don’t wish to do you any harm.

    However, subjects arising from this election will make many of us feel very uncomfortable. And it’s more important that we address the reasons why.

  • Carol

    I think you’re confusing 2 good things with each other. It’s good for us, as a society, as a whole, to discuss why Trump won the election. HOWEVER, it’s not necessarily good to do that everywhere, and at all times, and with all people. I don’t know why you say the analogy of someone breaking into your house and demanding to talk about politics was incorrect – it’s absolutely correct. Given that this blog belongs to Maryann, we should respect what she wants. She may even delete this whole thread, and it’s entirely within her rights to do so. A lot of people who are horrified by Trump are feeling very traumatized right now. I can’t know exactly what it’s like for her to have people defend Trump in her blog, but if it was me and I didn’t want that on my blog, I would have no moral qualms about silencing those discussions, in MY space. I would not go to someone else’s blog and tell them what they should or shouldn’t be talking about. Tell you what – start your own blog and have the kinds of discussions you want there! I do think that BOTH sides have to learn to listen to each other better, moving forward, but this blog is one little tiny corner of cyberspace. Your rights are not being threatened. Discussions about whether Trump has any good points to him can still go on, just not here. People have a right to say NOT HERE.

  • Lynn23

    Thank you Maryanne for all you do. We all grieve together.

  • you can’t shut down discussion

    I’m not “shutting down discussion.” I’m just saying you can’t talk about this here. Go start your own web site, then you can discuss whatever you want. This is my party, and my rules.

  • Where is the goddamn “understanding” from the right-wing when it comes to disenfranchised black voters? To LGBT people? To feminists?

    Fuck this idea that it’s only ever on liberals and progressives to “understand.”

  • Maryann isn’t shutting down political discussion.

    You literally just said that was what I’m doing.

    The house invasion analogy used here is very innacurate

    It’s *entirely* accurate.

    Then tell me to be quiet.

    That’s exactly what I did.

    we have to listen to each other

    Go tell Trump supporters that. Why is it on me to “understand” them but never the other way around?

  • I’m from the UK and having lived through the results of the EU referendum, I’m very acutely aware of how ignoring how a right wing victory was possible can be very harmful.

    I *live* in the UK, I voted Remain in the referendum, and I have been suffering as a result of the Leave vote for six months. I *know* how exactly nothing has changed on the UK since then, except for it becoming an even bigger clusterfuck. And this in spite of all the “understanding” that has been extended to Leave voters and referendum abstainers.

  • IntrepidNormal

    Of course we can dismiss bigoted views, why can’t we? Why is it on us to make them understand why bigotry is wrong?

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