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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

curated: why don’t you remember any of the music from Marvel movies?

Like you can from, say, Star Wars or Harry Potter? The answer is incredibly depressing:

(h/t Ben)

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  • Danielm80

    And here’s a debate about color and cinematography in Marvel movies:


  • Stacy Livitsanis

    My first, second, third, up to fiftieth albums bought were all film soundtracks, and I’ve been exasperatedly yelling at my friends for years about how so few modern film scores have any distinctive, memorable melodies. Glad some people are noticing. The wall of bland mediocre sound smothers everything in these films, leaving no room for honest feelings.

    Quick, remember the music in the scene in The Good the Bad and the Ugly where Tuco runs through the cemetery? Theme from The Godfather? Indiana Jones? Has a Marvel movie ever had a moment like in The Empire Strikes Back where the Imperial March is introduced? It’s less than a minute but the music is given due prominence and there’s no dialogue.

    Not every film has to have music that leaves you humming it as you walk out of the theatre, obviously, but the trend here is undeniable.

    The last score I remember with really grand sweeping adventurous melodies, for a film I didn’t like much, was How to Train Your Dragon 2. But even there, I just listen to the score and forget about the film.

  • Bluejay

    Has a Marvel movie ever had a moment like in The Empire Strikes Back where the Imperial March is introduced?

    Well, I think the Avengers theme is pretty memorable, and tends to show up in iconic moments like this:


    I also love the Captain America theme:


    But apart from these, yeah, memorable music hasn’t been Marvel’s strong suit.

  • Danielm80

    I do remember the Doctor Strange theme, but only because it’s the theme from Sherlock, almost note for note. Maybe that’s supposed to be an in-joke for Benedict Cumberbatch.

  • Kathy_A

    I think The Incredibles was the last superhero film with a memorable score.

  • Dr. Rocketscience

    I was also going to say that the theme from Avengers isn’t bad. I’ve played the Captain America March ( https://youtu.be/qrXwAeJ87Bk ), which is quite nice. But they’re not remotely as memorable as a Williams theme, or even most of Silvestri’s work, like Back to the Future. And they’re not well used. Avengers theme seldom forms any kind of motif on its own, and really Cap is the only one with his own leitmotif, though I only specifically remember it being used in his cameo in Thor 2.

    It’s been downhill in just the ways Tony Zhou describes without Silvestri.

  • Dr. Rocketscience

    I personally love that essay for the love it gives Snyder’s DC work. But I’m a fanboi like that. >.>

  • Dr. Rocketscience

    OMG, HTTYD’s score. <3

  • Owen1120

    Its TV themes are quite memorable, but then again, they play every episode.

  • Jonathan Roth

    Every Frame a Painting is a wonderful series, and this was a great episode.

    I also suggest as a companion to this the Extra Credits episode about video game music and the important use of the melody line in creating memorable themes.


  • Jonathan Roth

    The avengers theme is the only one I can readily remember and hum.

  • Jonathan Roth

    Just as a film related note, consider Danny Elfman’s Batman theme, versus Danny Elfman’s Spiderman theme. I’m willing to bet people here remember the first, but not the second.

  • LaSargenta

    Tremé. Yes.

    Lie To Me, only because I kept expecting to have it turn into a Tears For Fears song.

    Luke Cage’s theme is great.


    Honestly, I’m having trouble remembering any movie soundtrack recently.

  • LaSargenta

    Apologies in advance. No sarcasm, really.

    When I heard that, I thought it belonged to a movie about covered wagons with Randolph Scott.


  • Dr. Rocketscience

    Well that’s kind of the point, isn’t it? The march, and the movie. It’s a throwback.

    It’s fun to play, though. :D

  • bronxbee

    Indiana Jones, Star Wars, ET, Barry Lyndon, sand even Pirates of the Carribean (which is great housecleaning music, by the way) seems to connect with an individual *character* or overall feeling of the movie, and i think that’s the weakness of all the marvel soundtracks… you hear the music but have no idea what character or scene to connect it with… i would have thought Iron Man, and certainly, Captain America, would have strong individualized themes within the soundtrack,

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