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ads now appearing in Disqus threads (updated)

UPDATE 04.13.17: A reader has generously offered to cover the $10-per-month charge (by increasing an existing subscription) to remove ads from Disqus, so they’re gone now. I wish that wasn’t necessary, though.

Sorry. I hate to do this, but Disqus is about to start charging sites like this one $10 per month to not show ads. That might not sound like much, but the monthly costs associated with running this site are already high, and I am loathe to increase them more.

That said, the ads showing up now are absolutely hideous. If they don’t improve, I might be forced to pay the $10 per month anyway.

The other option, of course, would be to stop using Disqus, which would probably have to mean turning off comments entirely (the native WordPress commenting system is not great).

I’ll be watching the situation to see how it goes…

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