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curated: the new Doctor Who is known female Jodie Whittaker

And here is one big reason why it’s important:

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  • bronxbee

    OK… that made me tear up.

  • Jurgan

    Representation is an important thing in and of itself, but even aside from that a radical change is a good thing on a pure storytelling level. The show has been in a rut for a while, and this is the sort of shot in the arm that forces them to do something new. If Moffat were still writing, then I’d have little hope, but the fact that we’re getting a new show runner who insisted on a female Doctor has me excited for the show in a way I haven’t been for years.

  • I remember just recently seeing all these photos online of little girls going to the Wonder Woman movie, dressed up as Diana, and staring up at the movie posters in awe.
    I’ve been to comic-cons where women routinely dress up as various Doctors (Matt Smith in a fez is a particular fave).
    This matters.

  • Jenna Miller

    Yep! I remember reading a while back when the new showrunner spoke about the BBC wanting him to BE the showrunner, he said something about going into a meeting with them and telling them,”This is what I want to do.” And that he FULLY expected to be shot down, and was really excited and surprised when the BBC said they were on board. Now I think this must have been exactly that. He probably said he wanted a female Doctor. Awesome.

  • RogerBW

    Now let’s see if Chibnall can actually write for a female protagonist who isn’t simply nurturing or homicidal.

    It’ll be nice if he can bring himself to employ more than one female writer per series, too.

    I don’t mean to do this down – it’s good in itself – but the show has drifted so far from anything I have any interest in watching that it’s going to take a lot to get me enthused again.

  • Kathy_A

    Yes, this! This is why a tv show like Agent Carter was so important to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and why I was so disappointed that it never got the support from the network that it should have. Representation is so important. (I read a comment on another forum from a woman who made herself Peggy’s kickass blue suit and red hat from the first episode and went to Comicon wearing it and carrying Captain America’s shield. She had little girls wanting pictures with her all over the place.)

  • Mildredmmccaskill

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  • bronxbee

    i have a whole collection of photo of women dressed *as the Doctor* i took at Comic Con… and they look really awesome.

  • bronxbee

    yes! definitely we need more women writers and directors on that show!

  • bronxbee

    i *loved* Agent Carter. was sooo disappointed when it was cancelled.

  • Dent

    Chibnall couldn’t write himself out of a locked police box.

  • Danielm80
  • All the DW that Chiball has written has been under the direction of other showrunners. It’s more fair to look at what he’s written when he gets to write what he wants.

  • Dent

    This is an excellent criticism of Cinema Sins. What has it to do with the content I had linked?

  • Dent

    I certainly hope you’re right.

  • Danielm80

    The video you linked seems just as superficial. It makes some valid points–those are not great episodes–but it blows them out of proportion and ignores logic for the sake of cheap laughs.

  • Dr. Rocketscience

    It’s really not. And not just because it’s the director of Kong: Skull Island, a crappy movie, providing the criticism.

  • Dent

    He was doing a bit, he clearly wraps things up by droping his exaggerated derision in favour of moderate concern.

  • Had to come back to this. Wonderful.

    Very looking forward to what Whittaker, Chibnall and crew bring.

  • Tonio Kruger

    Heh. They’re already showing ads for the “first female doctor” on BBC America and yet the new season doesn’t start until the fall.

    Should I consider myself evil because the first time I saw one of those ads, my first thought was that they had made a movie about Elizabeth Blackwell?

  • disqus_JkC5Geydhn

    I agree. Chibnall’s an award-winning writer capable of really great drama, and his episodes have always had lots of behind the scenes issues.

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