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give $1, just once, for Flick Filosopher’s 20th anniversary

On this day in 1997, in an apartment in Yonkers, New York, over a DSL connection, I uploaded two movies reviews to the free web-hosting space that came with an AOL account, and Flick Filosopher was born. (The very first one was Event Horizon. I’ll revisit that film with another review in the next few days.)

As Groucho Marx or Mae West or Mark Twain or (most likely) someone else who keeps getting forgotten once said: “If I’d known I was gonna live this long, I’d have taken better care of myself.”

Of course, back in 1997, no one knew where the Internet was going to go, or what that would mean for people making the content. If someone had told me that I’d still be doing this two decades on, I’m sure I’d have laughed at them. Even if I’d accepted the truth of it, I still couldn’t possibly have made any plans to accommodate that. Apart from robbing a bank or winning the lottery, I couldn’t possibly have prepared for the fact that it’s extremely difficult to make much money online even if you’re making stuff that’s popular.

Which is why I’m asking, for my 20th anniversary, everyone who reads this site to donate just $1, just once (those who have never donated or subscribed before, that is). I know that’s an impossible request: all sorts of studies have shown that it’s only a tiny percentage of consumers of any creative thing, whether that’s books or music or comics, etc, who will support the work financially. But I’m dreaming big, and not asking much from anyone. Just a buck.

And to all of you who have supported my work here with your wallet — some of whom have been very generous indeed, and repeatedly so — I thank you all with everything I have. I would not have kept this up so long without you. Thank you!

(Oh, and for those of who who’ve asked about Patreon, and why I’m not there: I’m looking into getting a creator page set up there soon. Stay tuned.)

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  • Danielm80

    Listen, everyone, I’ve been reading MaryAnn’s comments about Mother! on Twitter, and it sounds like this is the film that’s finally going to send her into therapy. The movie sounds even worse than Passengers. If you value feminist film criticism, or MaryAnn’s mental health, please consider making a donation so she can pay her psychiatrist. She watches these films so we don’t have to.

  • Lennon

    Sorry, I couldn’t donate a dollar right now. I just felt like twenty dollars was more appropriate for twenty years.

    (20 years, yikes! That means I’ve been reading this site for about 16. Thanks, MaryAnn! Looking forward to twenty more!)

  • Dave

    I think the quote was from George Burns, who famously lived a long time.

  • RogerBW

    Happy net-birthday, FlickFilosopher!

    I’m keeping up my donations.

  • Rick Baumhauer

    I decided to ignore the bit about “those who have never donated or subscribed before” and kick in an extra $10 to cover ten people who can’t (or won’t) come up with their buck.

  • Very generous. Thank you!

  • You’re very kind. Thanks.

  • Great idea. I’ve done the same.

    Happy 20th, MaryAnn!

  • Thanks!

  • Jonathan Roth

    Dropped in $10. I’ve been a regular subscriber on tiny pass, but I lost my job just as the move away happened. Fortunately I’ve found a new job (Moving half-way across Canada for it… again). Once I start getting paid again, I’ll be resubscribing.

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