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should I live-tweet a reread of ‘Ready Player One’… (update: results in)

Twitter has spoken! With 54 percent of voters wishing to see me publicly torture myself, I will be doing the reread and the tweeting over the weekend of March 17-18th. (And when I’m done, I will of course post it all at here.) I’ll remind everyone as those days get closer.

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…before the movie opens on March 29th (on both sides of the Atlantic)?

Twitter poll here:

Or just drop a comment here. Or do both! I don’t mind.

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  • RogerBW

    I quite enjoyed the book at the time, but the trailers for the film have reminded me just how trite much of it was. Also I’ve since made the mistake of reading Cline’s Armada.

  • I will save what I have to say about the book for the public reread. :-)

  • Dr. Rocketscience

    Is Armada bad? Is it “sophomore slump” bad or “whatever was good in the last book must have been a fluke” bad? I came out and I heard nothing about it. Not even pans.

    I’m having issues with Andy Wier’s “Artemis”. His desire to give technical explanations, which served him well in “The Martian”, seem to be dragging a novella length mystery out to a novel length slog.

  • RogerBW

    Both of them suffer from trying to use the same tricks as the first book in a setting where they make less sense, and from self-sabotaging characters. I ended up despising Armada and feeling neutral to slightly negative about Artemis.
    At greater length:

    https://blog.firedrake.org/archive/2017/08/Armada__Ernest_Cline.html https://blog.firedrake.org/archive/2018/02/Artemis__Andy_Weir.html

  • Dr. Rocketscience

    Thanks for the links.

  • AA

    Sure, would love to hear your take on it. I just read RPO a few months ago with my book club before we were aware of the movie development. I consider myself an American child of the 80s, but a pop culture expert I am not, and it felt like a lot of the mysteries went over my head. Fun adventure rollout though. And all the trite epiphanies that are “coming-of-age” spy-adventure sort of stuff are just what Steven Spielberg is good at. I do remember loving “Cloak & Dagger” as a kid.

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