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no, I have not reviewed ‘Sorry to Bother You’; yes, I would love to

sorrybotherposterSince many readers have been asking: No, I have not yet seen Sorry to Bother You. I would love to, but it doesn’t have a UK release date yet — I’m based in London at the moment — so there haven’t been any press screenings here, and obviously I can’t just buy a ticket to see it. I spoke to the US publicist about getting a screening link — so I could watch the film online via a private streaming service, which is a way that many films are offered to critics nowadays — and I was told that the film isn’t being made available that way.

Director Boots Riley has been tweeting about how his film can’t get international distribution:

So who knows when I’ll be able to see this. Perhaps there will be a screening link or DVD come awards season (though that likely wouldn’t be before November). Or I’ll just have to wait till the film is available on demand from the US.

Oh, and by the way, it’s much the same with the Fred Rogers documentary, Won’t You Be My Neighbor? (which readers have also asked me about): no UK release date, and no screening link for critics available.

Other films I’m dying to see and review but will have to wait for: Blindspotting, which has just been announced for a UK release in October, and Crazy Rich Asians, which doesn’t open here till November (by which point it will probably be available on VOD from the US). Argh!

UPDATE 09.06.18: The UK release date of Crazy Rich Asians has been moved up to September 14th, and here’s my review .

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