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new Patreon tiers and rewards (and a note to current PayPal donors)

I’m starting to experiment with my Patreon, trying to make it work for me in a way that I see it is working for some other film critics (some of whom are making four figures a month). Because I’m pretty much at the end of my financial rope: I am not going to be able to justify continuing here for much longer, certainly not at the same pace I am now, if I cannot bring in some significant money. (I am currently not even making minimum wage for the long hours I put in here.) Those of you who’ve been hanging around Flick Filosopher for years know that I’ve tried almost everything to make this site a monetary success: ads, tip buckets, paywalls, now Patreon. If this doesn’t work…

Anyway, in conjunction with the just-launched on Netflix globally and movies for the resistance sections of the site (more on those here), I’ve added a $5/month pledge level at Patreon: If you pledge at that level (or above), you’ll be able to vote in regular polls that will pick the next movies covered in each section.

(If you have already pledged at Patreon — a huge thank-you to you all! — you will be in the $1/month tier, even if you’ve pledged much more, because that had been the only tier. If you would like to take advantage of rewards at higher levels, you will need to edit your pledge so that you are in that other tier. Sorry for the hassle!)

I will be adding more tiers and creating more rewards soon, too, and I’ve set financial goals (which you can see on the lefthand side of my Patreon homepage) that will come with patron-only content if reached. I really would love to be doing even more for you guys, giving you more and more comprehensive movie coverage, and not having to worry about money would make that a lot easier.

Please let me know, either in comments below or via email, what other rewards you’d like to see. What can I be doing for you or offering you that I am not already?

If you’re currently a recurring donor on PayPal and you’d like to take advantage of the Patreon bonuses, I’m afraid you will have to switch your support over to Patreon — there simply won’t be any way, technically or logistically, for me to extend the Patreon rewards to anyone who isn’t on Patreon. (You can use PayPal on Patreon!) If you’re a monthly donor, this is pretty straightforward: just cancel your recurring payment at PayPal (let me know if you need help with that) and start a new pledge at Patreon. If you’re an annual subscriber and perhaps you’ve only just recently made a big annual donation, get in touch with me and we’ll figure something out.

I know that there is a not-insignificant number of longtime readers of this site who have gone with me through many changes to the ways in which you are able to financially support my work: back and forth between PayPal, the now-defunct Amazon Payments, the Tinypass paywall, and now Patreon. Please believe that it distresses me to be causing such hassle to those of you who are my biggest fans! (Another round of this is why I put off signing up with Patreon for so long, and then put off offering exclusive stuff on Patreon.) It’s a measure of how long I’ve been here, and how much the Internet struggles with getting people paid for their work here. I wish it were different, and easier.

Once again, I want to thank all of you who’ve been supporting my work, and reading my work, over the years. You are what has kept me here even though it’s been extremely challenging financially. Thank you again.

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