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say hello to the “movies for the resistance” and “on Netflix globally” pages

Two big new sections arrive on the site today, both excuses for me to review more — and more different kinds of — movies:

on Netflix globally
movies for the resistance

I’ve been thinking about both these ideas for quite a while, and finally the time seemed right to introduce them. The Netflix page is a purely practical move: Netflix has moved into film production and distribution in a big way this year, and has very quickly changed the movie ecosystem, and I had been missing out on serving you, my lovely readers, by not covering Netflix movies.

I’m talking here about Netflix Originals, of course, the films Netflix produces or acts as primary distributor of, not the releases of traditional Hollywood studios it snaps up for home viewing. (Keeping track of which movies from all sources end up on Netflix would be far too big a job for just one person to do.) Mostly, these will be movies that are available on Netflix all over the world, but occasionally there will be movies that aren’t streaming everywhere, as when The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society went straight to Netflix in the US (and possibly in other territories; this information can be difficult to find) while it had a regular theatrical release in the UK. The opposite happened with Annihilation, which was released theatrically (not by Netflix) in the US while the rest of the planet (I think) got that film on Netflix. I’ll include such films at on Netflix globally when I’m aware of them.

Movies for the resistance, on the other hand, springs from a more philosophical place. It has felt for the past few years that all the many interconnected issues facing the world — predatory capitalism; racism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia; global warming; rising fascism — are starting to come to head, which is, I think, why so many of us have been talking about “the resistance.” Because we know that we are at a crisis point — Donald Trump; Brexit — beyond which things are going to snowball and get even worse unless we do something about the whole big mess. Now, of course, merely watching movies and talking about movies is not gonna save the world, but there’s certainly value to be found in stories that explore the problems we have created for ourselves and the ideas and attitudes that might begin to counter them, and that offer inspiration along the way. So that will be my focus in this section.

I would love for readers to help me pick which movies in both sections I’ll review next. So I will post occasional polls at my Patreon in which patrons will be able to vote. This will likely start in the new year: I have a few more films already lined up for each section, which should take us through the holidays. So you’ve got time to become a patron if you aren’t already!

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