I’m on BBC World Service’s “The Arts Hour” again today, Saturday, January 12th

Also appearing with me and host Nikki Bedi is Nigerian-Irish London poet and playwright Gabriel Gbadamosi, who was in the studio with us (this isn’t always the case with the other guests); he is thoroughly charming and incredibly erudite. His play, Stop and Search, is now in previews at the Arcola Theatre in Dalston, East London, and runs through February 9th. (I’m hoping to get to it, and if I do, I’ll report back.)

We’ll be talking about Keira Knightley’s new film Colette; favorite voice work by actors as animals; Idris Elba and black actors having to go to America to get good work; movie music, including Justin Hurwitz’s amazing score for First Man; and a lot more.

“The Arts Hour” schedule has changed, and this episode will debut tonight at 8pm local time pretty much wherever you are on the planet, and then will air again on Tuesday and Wednesday. You can listen live online as it airs (and also on a radio, of course, if you have a radio anymore), and online anytime after the first broadcast. Unlike BBC TV programs, the radio stuff is available globally, so you don’t need to be in the UK to tune in or listen on your own time. The episode page with all the info you need is here.


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