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are you having trouble with email notifications of my posts at Patreon?

A reader has reported an issue with email notifications of my posts at Patreon, and I was able to replicate the problem in my own separate Patreon account for testing purposes (via which I am my own patron).

The problem is this: If seems to be impossible to receive email notifications of ONLY my patron-only posts, and not also the public posts.

At the moment, this is what the notification options look like:

(Get here by clicking on your profile icon at Patreon, then Edit Profile > Email settings. If you are a patron of several creators, you may have to scroll a bit to get to the section regarding your patronage of me.)

Apparently, there should be options here for patron-only posts, and posts by support tier ($1/month, $3/month, etc). Since they aren’t here, it seems logical that “paid content” means patron-only posts, and “posts any other content” refers to public posts. But if you uncheck “posts any other content,” you don’t get email notifications of patron-only posts.

Patreon support has confirmed to me that this is a bug, and that it has been submitted to their engineers for evaluation. They have asked that any readers who are experiencing this issue submit a support ticket with an explanation of the problem (feel free to copy and paste from here, if that’s helpful to you; screenshots are always useful, too!), at: Patreon.com/faq (scroll down and click “Send us a note”).

Unfortunately, Patreon also said that they cannot promise when this will be fixed. In the meantime, the only solution I can think of — not that it’s much of a solution — is to leave “posts any other content” checked to ensure that you DO receive notifications of patron-only posts, though it will mean you’ll get notice of ALL posts.

(This is a crossposting of a post at Patreon.)

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