curated: Natalie Portman announced as Thor, and the manbaby fanboys are freaking out

Natalie Portman Thor San Diego Comic-Con

Apparently it took all of 30 nanoseconds after the announcement was made at San Diego Comic-Con that Natalie Portman would be taking up the mantle — or the hammer — as Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the delicate-snowflake misogynist whiny-ass crybaby fanboys to lose their shit. From We Hunted the Mammoth:

You can always count on the dude who calls himself One Angry Gamer to have a highly nuanced reaction to developments in the gaming and comics worlds. For example, take his reaction to the news yesterday that the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder movie will feature Natalie Portman — a LADY — as none other than Thor himherself.

“This is the kind of news that strips the threads away from the very fabric of your soul,” he declared in a post on his One Angry Gamer site, really leaning hard on that fabric metaphor. “As always, Marvel is moving the dial ever further Left.”

Imagine the very fabric of your soul being determined by what goes on in a movie.

There’s more, and it’s quite hilarious, if in a pathetic way, but Mammoth’s David Futrelle sums it all up accurately thusly:

By Grabthar’s hammer, what a dingus.

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