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have you found a new movie normal?

Kiggins Theatre, Vancouver, Washington

Has the coronavirus pandemic changed the way you consume movies? Most people don’t see more than one or two movies on a big screen in any given year, but perhaps the fact that you’re reading a film critic’s web site means your multiplex and/or arthouse habits are a bit more regular.

Still, you probably were already watching lots of films at home, too, even before lockdown. Have you discovered new streaming outlets? Are you diving deeper into your old go-to online movie sources (you know, like Netflix or Amazon Prime)? Have you found yourself buying lots more DVDs or blu-rays? Are you mostly interested in revisiting your favorite films, or discovering new ones, either classics or more recent movies you’d missed before? Is any of this something you’ve consciously thought about, or are you just taking each new movie-watching experience as it comes?

Maybe you’re watching more TV, playing more video games, or reading more books? 

I’d love to hear how, as a movie fan, you’re coping with this new entertainment environment. Drop a comment below!

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