question of the weekend: what place that exists only in a movie would you like to visit?

Movies are fantasy factories, perhaps never more so than when creating places that do not exist in the real world. Sometimes these are settings that are so hugely imaginative that they could not possibly exist here and now, like, oh, Star Wars’s Death Star. Sometimes they are places that could conceivable exist, or have existed, yet didn’t, but nevertheless conjure up associations that thrill us, like the place I’ll mention as my pick: Rick’s Café Amerícain in Casablanca. I’d love to visit there to soak up the atmosphere and the emotion the movie so brilliantly evokes with it, the sense of purpose that comes from the struggles of those therein.

What place that exists only in a movie would you like to visit? Why?

(I’m reviving my “questions” posts — just on a weekend basis — as an experiment, to see if there’s any interest in them. I’m also posting these as free posts at Substack or Patreon. You don’t need to be a paying subscriber at either service if you’d prefer to comment at either of them, but you will need to register with either site to comment.)

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