question of the weekend: what’s your favorite road-trip movie?

Thelma and Louise Susan Sarandon Geena Davis

I’m on a little weekend road trip in Wales with my friend Shirley (and Nigel the Charity Pig), so I thought this would be a good thing to ask today:

What’s your favorite road-trip movie?

I want to assure you, dear readers, that Shirley and I have no intentions of replicating Thelma and Louise’s misadventures. We haven’t run into Brad Pitt (at least not yet), we left our guns at home, and we don’t even have a Cadillac convertible. This is our little rental car:

It’s cute, but it struggles to get up even slight inclines. There’s no way we’d have the power to [Thelma & Louise spoiler redacted].

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Thelma and Louise Susan Sarandon Geena Davis
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