the 2022 film ranking has begun!

Every year since 2003, I have created an on-the-fly ranking of each year’s new theatrical releases, updated as I see them. The ranking for 2022’s new films has begun: follow along with it here. There’s also a link in the nav bar at the top of each page here at the site (with a dropdown with links to the previous few years), and you’ll also find a link at the bottom of each review of a 2022 film (as with the very first one to appear here, for Delicate State).

There are only a few films on it at the moment, but watch it rapidly expand in the coming months. Not included yet is a film I saw in early December that was scheduled to release this month. I was under strict embargo about that even before the current omicron surge of the coronavirus pandemic saw it pushed back to later this year. I’ll probably have to see it again before I review! (Hint: That won’t be a chore.)

Links to other annual rankings can be found close to the top of each ranking page.

Unlike in recent years, I’m not restricting the 2022 ranking to paying subscribers only: everyone can see it. If you feel inclined to contribute financially to my work anyway, you can join my Patreon or my Substack, or make a one-time donation via PayPal. Huge thanks to those of who are already patrons! Your support is enormously appreciated, and ensures that I can continue doing what I’m doing here.

And 2021’s ranking is still continuing — I have lots of films left to see and review.

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