watch my “The Rise and Fall of the Girl Boss” panel from Woman with a Movie Camera Summit 2021

Last summer I spoke on two (virtual) panels at Woman with a Movie Camera Summit 2021, hosted by the British Film Institute. (More about my participation here.) One of those panels was “The Rise and Fall of the Girl Boss”:

A panel of culture writers and film critics dissect the rise and fall of Girl Boss, from her shiny pop-feminist origins to her current status as the cultural archetype everyone loves to hate. The panel will get into the issues of girlboss feminism and also explore her recent iterations in film and television, including films like I Care a Lot and Cruella.

Host: Beth Webb
Panellists: MaryAnn Johanson, Leila Latif and Ashanti Omkar

It’s just been posted to YouTube in its entirety. Enjoy!

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