weekend watchlists now free for everyone 30 days after they’re published

You could have gotten this streaming recommendation in your email in-box or in an app if you were a Substack subscriber (even for free!) or Patreon patron.

I’ve started reworking how my Patreon and the paid version of the Flick Filosopher Substack work.

Up first: the Weekend Watchlist emails/posts — in which I point you toward the best new films and hidden gems on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other streaming services — will now be exclusive for 30 days for paid subscribers. One month later, I will post them here at FlickFilosopher.com and unlock those posts at Patreon and Substack, so they’ll be free to read there. Those posts will also then be mailed to those Substack subscribers on the free email list.

The first free-a-month-later Flick Filosopher Weekend Watchlist post is here. The earlier editions are now free to read at Patreon and Substack. I may also repost those older ones here, when I can find the time.

Those getting the Weekend Watchlists free 30 days later will note that sometimes, movies recommended in them are about to expire on Netflix or Amazon Prime or other services, and so it may be too late to take advantage of those streaming opportunities. I hope this will encourage you to become a paid Substack subscriber or Patreon patron if you are in a position to do so.

Thank you for your support!

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