An American Carol (review)

I was dreading *An American Carol* so much that the DVD just sat there on my desk, staring me in the face for weeks. Taunting me, almost — daring me to finally pop it into the player. Which, as there came a moment when I could no longer put it off, I did.

Defiance (review)

Just when you think that surely, by now — especially after this year of nonstop Nazi movies! — we’ve heard every story to come out of the Holocaust, along comes yet another new one.

Towelhead (review)

That extreme rarity of American film: a movie that is about a teenage girl’s fumblings through the confusions of early adolescence…

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (review)

So it’s just like this crazy life thing, you know? You’re born, you do some stuff, maybe if you’re lucky you fall in love with the same person who falls in love with you — at the same time that person falls in love with you — and then you die.

The Spirit (review)

Bête Noir It’s been a week since I saw The Spirit and I’m still thinking about it, and usually that’s a good thing, when a movie sticks with you like that, but not always. Like, not this time. Cuz what I’ve been turning over in my head is this conundrum: Just how awful is this … more…