fun stuff from FlickFilosopher stats week of Dec 22-28 2012

Actual unretouched phrases that people plugged into search engines this week that led them to this site (with some commentary from me):
“ben 10 actress galadriel nude fucked fakes images in bloger” <-- disturbing on so many levels but mostly the grammatical “nathan fillion macgyver” <-- geekgasm! “wtf is aol” <-- these kids today... “3d female death battle” “ass ass big ass” “being impregnated by aliens” “how i met your mother gay unconvincing” “how to keep your virtue” <-- what in the actual fuck, people? “i stole a timelord” “ice age diego gets badly injured” <-- fantasies! “where are all the horny girls” “why are girls with blue eyes so desirable” <-- I can’t even “an education banana” <-- it’s a dildo, folks, okay already? “movies to think about” “watch it drunk” <-- budding film critics “wind in the willows boring” “a good day to die hard klingon” <-- I’m not the only one thinking this! “american movies suck” “movie where the fat girl in bridesmaids is getting married” <-- really?

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