opening in North America April 24: ‘The Soloist,’ ‘Fighting,’ ‘Obsessed,’ ‘Earth,’ more

opening wide

The Soloist: It’s the feel-kinda-queasy-about-how-rotten-we-humans-are movie of the spring! But it’s also the feel-kinda-good-cuz-some-of-us-are-trying-fix-that-too movie of the season! Yea!

Fighting: I mean this in all honesty, and not to be mean, but is there something wrong with Channing Tatum? Like, is he kinda, you know, slow? Or is there something wrong with audiences who mistake his blank visage for a human face?

Obsessed: It wasn’t screened in advance for critics, but I saw it this morning. Awesome in its misogyny and ridiculousness, it’s also tedious and hilarious in equal measures. Enjoy.
Earth (opened Wednesday, April 22): Disney is offering to plant a tree for every ticket sold to this movie this weekend. Why does that sound just a bit like “buy this book or the dog gets it”? If there aren’t enough trees to soak up all the CO2 we’ve thrown into the atmosphere and you didn’t buy a ticket for this movie, it’s all your fault.

opening/expanding limited

Tyson: I may have something more to say about this later, but for now, know that it’s exactly what it looks like: a brute and a convicted rapist is given 90 minutes to explain, excuse, and justify himself.

Mutant Chronicles: It’s the end of the world as we know it… again. Playing on two screens, so probably not in your neighborhood at all.

Is Anybody There?: Michael Caine is an English grumpy old man who hangs out with that little kid from Son of Rambow. Charming! I’ll review soon.

The Informers: Based on a Bret Easton Ellis novel. This must have been sitting on a shelf, cuz Brad Renfro is in this, and hasn’t he been dead for a while? [official site]

The Garden: Doc about an urban farm in South Central Los Angeles. [official site]

Il Divo: Last year’s jury prize winner at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival, this is about crime and corruption in Italian politics. Fun! [official site]

Treeless Mountain (opened Wednesday, April 22): Narrative by New York filmmaker So Yong Kim about two little girls in South Korea, based on her own childhood. [official site]

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