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maryann johanson | self-isolating

fun stuff from FlickFilosopher stats week of Feb 16-22 2013

Actual unretouched phrases that people plugged into search engines this week that led them to this site (with some commentary from me):
“man of steel news” <-- he’s still super “perverse cross stitch” “bathrooms disqus” “cumberbatch sexy villain” <-- redundant “i love colin firth” <-- who doesn’t? “i hate sex and the city” <-- who doesn’t? “3 fuckin musketeers” “is antonio banderas in the princess bride” “sheena easton ghostbusters” <-- there is no Sheena there is only Zuul “playmobil french revolution” “is steve carell hot” <-- you need a search engine to help you decide? “cylons are spoiled teens” “are women being conditioned by the media male gaze to be bisexual” “graphic sexual horror (special edition)” “forced womanhood” <-- WTF “how did sherlock fake his death” <-- that’s what we’re waiting to find out! “good day to die hard what were they thinking” “is optimus prime a byronic hero” <-- no, “bionic” “are peter davison and steven moffat related” <-- no (Davison’s real last name is Moffet) “does the movie seven pounds accurately portray how organ donation works” <-- hell no “intellectual problem of hollywood” “how to get rid of black magic curse” “pale creepy girls that don't like sunlight” “disney waltz with bashir” <-- would be just plain wrong “could the nazis speak english” “does john c. reilly smoke weed” “freddy krueger 's steampunk” <-- Freddy’s steampunk what? “horrified gaze definition” “how can i watch the brits in the u.s on regular tv?” <-- each of the 60 million gets his or her turn on ch 6 overnight Wednesdays

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