Beavis & Butt-Head Do America (review)

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Uhh, This Is Like the Coolest Column Ever

Butt-head: Heh heh, I said “do.” So, there’s, like, these two guys, and their TV gets stolen by, like, this total buttmunch.

Beavis: Yeah, that really sucked.

Butt-head: Shut up, Beavis, I’m telling the story.
Beavis: Yeah, heh, yeah.

Butt-head: So these two guys, they were called, uh, Beaver and Buffcoat, and they go, like, In Search Of–

Beavis: In search of your butt!

Butt-head: *smack*

Beavis: Ow!

Butt-head: So Beaver and Buffcoat are, like, babe magnets, and they roam the world searching for their beloved TV. Come to Butt-Head.

Beavis: Yeah, like, it was kinda like that movie with the two chicks, uh, Selma and–

Butt-head: Shut up, buttwipe, this is not a chick movie!

Beavis: Well, yeah, it is, cause they were chick magnets. You said.

Butt-head: *smack*

Beavis: Ow!

Butt-head: This is, like, an Oscar Mayer movie or something.

Beavis: Yeah, Oscar Mayer weiners.

Butt-head: Yeah, heh heh, this movie gets, like, two weiners up.

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